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I once met a T-rex who was working at a casino.

He said he was hiding out from the cops.
I think he was a small arms dealer.
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This nigga is really working at a casino

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I’m doing my gaming license renew in a couple weeks. I work at a casino as a slot attendant.

Will my dui affect me in my employment. Does anyone have a similar situation.
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Someone who has worked at a casino. What do casinos do with all the Joker and instructions card that come with the deck of playing cards?

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Story about a girl who works at a casino where people bet their body parts.

I remember the girl having a contract with the owner, i don’t know if it was a series, i only read the first part if it is.
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I made this for a customer's husband (he works at a casino)

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Casino workersd of Reddit, in your entire time working at a casino, how many major jackpot winners have you witnessed? If any?

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Family mourns dad who died of COVID-19 after returning to work at a casino

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Family mourns dad who died of COVID-19 after returning to work at a casino

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Happy Tuesday!! (Which is my weekend, s/o to working at a casino!)

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Does working at a casino bar get you the most tips given personally

By customers
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Diss works at a casino?

One day Lil Bhris went live on tiktok and I asked him if he still talked to diss. He said "No, not really he's been busy at the casino". I don't think diss is coming back to streaming anytime soon but I hope we get an update on him soon.
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I work at a Casino AMA

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I Work at a Casino Where People Bet Their Bodies and Souls in Hopes of Riches and Power.

Parts: 2

There’s a place located far out in the roaming wilderness of Midwest America that is the gathering place for all kinds of beings, both supernatural and not. They flock to the establishment seeking nourishment, servitude, power, or just entertainment. The mad and the desperate, the downtrodden and the elite. All of them welcome in equal measure to gamble life, limb, soul, and eternity on a roll of the dice, a flip of the card, or a spin on the roulette in the Grand Paradiso. A casino unlike any other.
One that I have been working at for the better part of the past year or so. The things I’ve seen…the things I’ve done…they changed me. And that change was more than just skin deep. Allow me to start at the beginning. When my life had been given a new purpose, to serve the Grand Paradiso.

“You reckon this bitch gonna go for all that much. With how much Leon’s broken her in, she ain’t much a looker anymore.”
A man’s grimy voice spat out words in this all-encompassing darkness that surrounded me, the blood-soaked blindfold blocking out my vision.
“Not half as much as I’d have gotten had that fuckin’ mongrel kept it in his pants. Didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on him, probably fuckin’ paid you off, right?” Another voice spoke up, this one sounding younger.
Beneath me, I could feel cold metal against my skin. My hands and legs bound together with zip-ties and the scent of blood filling my nostrils. The taste of wool on my tongue from the gag wrapped around my mouth.
“Ah…ya know it was an honest mistake. I jus’ went to take a piss. Shit happened is all.”
I tried to move my body, but every inch of it was in pain. Bruises and cigarette burns marred most of my body. I could run my tongue along the empty gap where a couple teeth used to be.
“Sure it did. You’re a real fuckin’ retard, you know that? Be happy she isn’t dead, you dumb fuck, hope you know this shit’s coming out of your cut.”
“That’s unfair now-” “Shut it! Be glad I’m paying you at all.”
Footsteps approached me, each step causing an echo to reverberate off the walls. The footsteps came to a stop right in front of me, and I felt a shoe touch my cheek and gently lift my head off the ground.
“Naomi…look at you now... can’t lie makes me happy seeing you on that side of the auction. Bet you’re feeling real miserable about not paying the boss his dues now, aren’t you? Don’t worry, though, as you know, he always gets his money. One way or another. Now then, sweetheart, it’s showtime. Try to be a little presentable for the good folks out there, huh?”
Suddenly whatever I was laying on started moving, the sounds of rusty wheels creaking as I was being forced towards some unknown destination. A door opened, and I could hear the indistinct chatter of a crowd of people over the creaking of the wheels. Soon I came to a stop, and the blindfold was taken off.
Light flooded my vision, and I immediately shut my eyes to stop the searing pain inflicted on my retinas. Squinting, I tried to look around and locate the sources of the voices but couldn’t make out much in the darkness beyond the stage I was on. Just the shifting shapes of silhouettes.
“Is this some kind of joke!? No one gonna pay a dime for this broad!” A voice yelled out from the crowd. “Yeah, who wants damaged goods! Bring out the next one already and quit wasting my time!”
“Now ladies and gentlemen calm down. Because of the condition of the property, the starting price will be adjusted. And I assure you besides the physical injuries they are healthy.” A new voice echoed over a set of loudspeakers. Looking to my right, I saw a well-dressed man holding a microphone and standing behind a small wooden podium.
“Now! We’ll start the bidding at one-thousand dollars. Any takers?!” The auctioneer’s voice boomed over the speakers as green circular lights with numbers on them began flashing out from the darkness.
I recognized them for what they were, scum with too much money on their hands trying to purchase humans. How many men and women had I led to this exact position, I wonder. I never thought that I’d eventually become one of the items. I’d have laughed about it had that gag not prevented me from doing so.
“We got one thousand, how about two thousand!? Two thousand! Three thousand, do I see four?”
Karma, I guess you could call it. Lord knows I’ve done my fair share of repugnant shit. Stuff was just now finally starting to come around for me, it seems. Not like I cared that much at the time. I was already a corpse on the inside. Cold, dead, emotionless. The only saving grace of my miserable existence being the soothing sensation of a needle in my veins.
“Nine thousand! Fifteen seems we might have a bit of a battle here on this one.” Suddenly a light lit up, showing an exorbitant number. “One-hundred thousand! Anyone else?!” The trash in the crowd began to chatter amongst each other louder. I was almost a little impressed someone wanted to spend that much on me. Then another light shined out from the darkness.
“Two-hundred and fifty thousand!”
“Quarter of a million for this garbage?!” “What a fucking dumbass!”
“Sold to number thirteen! Thank you all for participating! Now moving on to our next item.”
I was rolled off of the stage and thrown into this tiny damp room somewhere in the back corridors of the auction house. There was only a dim lightbulb, barely illuminating the small room with concrete walls, floor, and ceiling. Water dripped down from the ceiling, I felt it hitting my back as I laid there. Slowly I slid myself over to the wall and sat against it, my eyes trained on the door. Awaiting whatever fate was going to be looming for me outside this tiny room.
After what felt like hours, the door unlocked and swung open. Standing on the other side was a woman dressed in the attire of someone I’d expect to be a dealer at some Vegas casino table. She looked down at me with these cold, unfeeling eyes. She tossed some clothes in front of me and undid the zip-ties around my wrists and ankles.
“Get dressed.” The woman said curtly. I removed the gag from my mouth and tossed it aside, rubbing the skin on my wrists where the zip-ties had dug in and left marks. “Now. I’m not in the mood to wait.”
With a sigh, I picked up the clothes and started putting them on. They were a little oversized but felt better than wearing nothing at all. After I finished getting dressed, the woman exited the room and motioned her head for me to follow her. I had to admit she had a lot of trust in her, not even tying up my hands.
“You’d do well not to try anything stupid. I don’t have the patience for that.” The woman said. It was almost like she could read my mind.
“Just want me to be a good girl, huh? You got a name?” I asked, joining the woman out in the corridor.
“I didn’t buy you for you to ask questions.” The woman said. I shrugged.
“Not like I give a shit what you spent your money for.” I answered. A vague smile came across the woman’s face.
“That’s quite the attitude you have. You can call me Beatrix. Come along then.” The woman began walking down the corridor, and I followed after her.
“Not gonna ask my name?”
“I already know all about you, Naomi Straya. You’re a heroin-addicted gun for hire. That you find men reprehensible. That the first person you killed was a man who paid your mother to have sex with you. That you have a penchant for writing poetry and that you tried to commit suicide eight separate times the same way, yet never followed through with it. And that the woman you loved overdosed in your apartment bathtub two months ago. Every detail of your life, from the last meal you ate to how you got all those injuries, I know.”
I was at a loss for words at how nonchalantly the words flowed from Beatrix’s mouth. And at how correct she was about each thing she said. It shouldn’t have been possible that someone could know so much about me. It was crazy…insane even, yet she didn’t hesitate at all in her recollection of those events in my life.
“Wondering how I know all that? Don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter. Me knowing all of this information is going to be one of the least unsettling things you’re going to experience over these next coming months. If you manage to stick around that long...”
I followed Beatrix out to her car, she opened the passenger side door for me. Looking around the parking lot and out towards the surrounding trees, I wondered if I should make a run for the forest. Every instinct in my body told me to get as far away from this woman as I could, yet I couldn’t stop myself from shambling over to her. I hadn’t felt fear in a long time…but something about Beatrix sent shivers down my spine. Seeing that gentle smile on her face, I could tell she realized that too.
Once I was sitting inside the vehicle, Beatrix swung the door shut and made her way around to the driver’s side. She slid the key into the ignition, and we slowly pulled out onto the road. Driving through the pitch-black darkness of the woods with nothing to light the way except for the headlights.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked, trying hard to dull the unease in my voice.
“You enjoy gambling, don’t you, Mrs. Straya?”
“What’s that got to do with anything?”
“Everything, my dear. Humans make gambles every day, whether they realize it or not. They gamble on getting that new job, they gamble on pursuing love, they gamble on their health, their education. So much of life is up to chance when you think about it. Then, of course, there is gambling for wealth. Like those thousands of dollars you gambled away to the man that led you to become nothing more than a piece of meat. To be treated any way your employer will see fit.”
“I have no intention of becoming somebody’s property, so whoever paid all that cash for me can go fuck himself.”
Beatrix let out a malicious giggle. “You don’t have any choice in the matter. Why haven’t you tried to run away yet, Naomi? You’ve been untied this whole time, why not try and crash the car, or jump out. Nothing is stopping you from escaping, so why are you still here sitting in that seat?”
She was right…why the fuck was I just sitting here? It made no sense even causing the car to crash shouldn’t have been something that I’d have been afraid of. For some reason, whenever the thought came up to try something, this unbearable dread consumed me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. The moment I would go to try something, my body would lock up.
“There are things at work here beyond understanding. That free will you had have you wondered if it was ever really there? Naomi, you’re soon going to be where you belong. You’re new home and where you will work until the establishment no longer requires you.” Beatrix said.
The trees surrounding the road gave way to a clearing, and in front of us, a colossal building towered above the landscape. All across the structure were hundreds of lights and long stretches of rows and rows of illuminated windows. At the center of the building was a large sign that read “Grand Paradiso Casino.” A casino? Out here in the middle of bumfuck nowhere? I was confident that there was no place like this around the area at all. I knew it like the back of my hand, there was no way I would miss something so huge. How the fuck was it here?
“Welcome to your new home.” Beatrix said, bringing the car to a stop at the entrance pavilion of the casino. The two of us exited the car, and she handed the keys to the valet who was waiting just next to the doors.
“Come along now, dear.”
I followed Beatrix inside of the casino and found myself standing in the middle of this grandiose gambling hall. Giant crystal chandeliers hung down from the ceiling, brightly illuminating the room. Masterfully crafted sculptures of figures I didn’t recognize overlooked the hall, jutting out from columns around the room. Not all of the sculptures look like…people either. Some depicted things that seemed inhuman and monster-like…others I’m not sure I could convey properly with words. An elegant pattern stretched out across the carpet floor, and this elegance extended to all of the gambling tables that were scattered across the hall.
The gambling hall was packed with people, both those filling up the tables and servers going around, taking orders for food and beverages. Something I noticed about a few of the people here was that their attire didn’t match up with the high-class aesthetic of the casino. Some were just wearing casual clothes, while others looked like they only had rags to wear.
There was something else wrong with the place. There were a number of people who looked to be missing bits and pieces of their bodies. Fingers, eyes, ears, whole hands or arms. Stationed at the few of the tables were these devices that looked more fit for a torture chamber. They certainly weren’t typical implements you’d see at your average gambling table. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t beginning to feel enticed by this place, with all of its oddities, and I couldn’t help but feel intrigued.
“I’ll take you to the employee quarters. It’s a bit of a walk, stay close and try not to get lost out here.” Beatrix said.
“Fuck! No! Just stay back! I ain’t losing you hear me!” A man jumped out of his chair in front of Beatrix and I. Pulling a handgun out from under his jacket, as the chair bounced across the carpet. The surrounding area in the hall got silent as everyone looked over at the commotion. No one looked afraid of what was unfolding, they were either uncomfortable, uncaring, or showed some curious interest in what was happening.
“It’s just one finger, bud. You don’t gotta get so upset.” One of the other patrons sitting at the table remarked with a grin.
“Sir, you already lost. Now payment is due. You should also be aware firearms are forbidden in the gambling hall.” The dealer at the table turned towards the man, looking him straight in the eye, not flinching at all with a gun aimed at his head. It was clear the guy had nerves of steel, he’d probably been in this situation a few times by the looks of things.
“I don’t care! Just stay the fuck away from me!” The man yelled, his finger shaking on the trigger.
The dealer took a step towards the man, and a shot echoed throughout the hall. The bullet pierced through the dealer’s forehead and ripped out the back of his skull. He stumbled back a step before glaring at the man. The hole in his head slowly closing up. The man’s mouth went agape as he proceeded to unload a couple of more shots into the dealer with no results.
“Sir, it is time for you to pay your debt.” The dealer said, his voice monotone.
I hadn’t noticed it, but two absurdly hulking security guards had appeared on either side of the man. The guards each had a cloth mask covering their entire heads, it was almost like a sack, with this deliberately stitched pattern of spirals etched into each of them. Beneath the fabric of the masks, I could see this undulating movement of something pressing against the cloth. It didn’t look like there were any eyeholes on the sacks, so I had to wonder how it was they were even able to see.
Upon noticing the guards, the man tried to turn his gun on them. He didn’t manage to get one shot off before one of the guards grabbed his arm, and a sickening snap was heard. The man dropped the gun to the floor as he was unceremoniously dragged away deeper into the hall, all the while screaming and pleading to those around for help. There was no sympathy to be had though, as everyone else just ignored him, or laughed at the man’s pain.
The dealer took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the blood from his face and got back to running the game at his table.
“Shall we continue on then?” Beatrix said, moving forward.
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I Work at a Casino: My First Gamble and the Degloving Box

Parts: 1
My first thoughts of what I’d be doing at this casino were that I’d be serving drinks or food. You know, the easy, laid-back boring shit. While that’s part of it sure, even the staff were not exempt from being forced into the gambles as I found out the moment we tried walking past that table where the man had his outburst. I guess I was never going to be able to escape that vice in my life. Even here in the depths of debt and despair, I’d still be able to gamble.

“Hey, Beatrix, who’s that you got along with you?” This smug executive type with slicked-back hair and surrounded by a nauseating cologne. “Looks like some new meat to me, what say you have a sit with me, honey. Just got a spot open for you to come and show me a good time.” The man shot me a smarmy look. I looked over at Beatrix, expecting her to say something, but instead, she motioned for me to sit at the table.
“What the hell am I supposed to gamble? I don’t have any money, ya dumb bitch. Remember?” I said.
“You don’t need money to gamble here. These will do just fine” Beatrix gripped one my hand and caressed it lightly while examining it intently.
“I’m not really in the mood to play some stupid game right now.” Without hesitation, Beatrix punched me across the face. I stumbled back and slammed against the table where the two businessmen were sitting. I raised a hand to my face and saw that blood was flowing out from nostrils. I heard that smug piece of shit laughing.
“Looks like this one has a lot of fight in her, that makes this all the more fun.” The executive said. I pulled myself off of the table and glared back at Beatrix. I had half a mind to kick her ass, but this look that she gave me just caused my blood to freeze. This look of a fury that was just moments of boiling over.
“You don’t get a say in the matter as I’ve already told you. If someone tells you to play, you play. What you want, what you feel, what you say. None of it matters. You belong to the establishment, and you will serve it. One way or another.” Another one of the sack-masked guards showed up behind Beatrix, just seemingly appearing out of thin air. “Now sit.”
It was funny…just a week earlier, I was sitting at a bar drowning my sorrows away into glass after glass of beer. And now here I was sitting at a table in some fucked up casino. Not even able to have control over anything I did.
The dealer took a look over at me and waving his hand over the space on the table in front of me. A stack of ten gambling chips materialized beneath his hand. I’d say it was a neat trick had I not just seen the guy take a bullet to the skull and walk it off like it was nothing. Taking a look at the chips, they were this dark crimson color and engraved with a white stripe pattern. In the middle of the chip was the image of a finger. Two for each one.
“Allow me to explain how the game works. The gamble is played using a standard set of playing cards and is a simple game of blackjack. Each of you will get two cards and be able to draw more until you hit twenty-one points or go over. You’ll also be able to raise your bet on your turn as well. The other player must then call, raise, or fold in response. This will go on until both players decided to not raise any longer. At that point, both hands will be revealed. If both players go over twenty-one, then the one who is closest to it will win. If it is a draw then the bets will be returned.”
“The person who has more points than the other without going over twenty-one wins. Since the young woman does not have any cash, she will only have access to her finger chips. Each finger chip you have represents a finger on either hand. Each finger shares the same value of ten-thousand dollars, except for the thumb and index finger, which are valued at twenty-thousand each. At the start of each round, you have to bet ten-thousand dollars minimum.” The dealer explained.
“What if I lose the bet?” I asked.
“Ain’t it obvious?” The executive nodded towards the machine sitting in the middle of the table. It was this all-metal box with a hole on the side of it that faced the players. The hole must have been just big enough an adult hand inside.
“This is the degloving box. When you lose a finger chip, you will place your hand inside the machine, and the debt will be paid by degloving the finger gambled. The machine is precise. It will separate the skin cleanly from the flesh. While painful, there won’t be any risk of infection, and some cloth will be provided to staunch bleeding while you continue to play.” The dealer continued.
I wasn’t tempted with the thought of getting my fingers flayed, but a peculiar idea entered my mind. I took a glance over at the chips that the executive was holding and noticed that five of them were different from the finger chips. They were green, and the symbol on the center of them was a dollar sign. I assume it was safe to say that those chips represented cash.
“Play will end after seven rounds, or when one player runs out of chips. Now, shall we begin?” The dealer asked.
“Yeah, let’s get this show moving.” The executive smirked as he threw in a green chip. The dealer looked over at me, expectantly. Glancing over the chips, I hesitated in deciding which finger I would be okay sacrificing.
“If you do not put in your bet soon, it will be chosen for you.” The dealer mentioned. Quickly I grabbed the chip for my right ring finger and tossed it into the middle of the table.
“You can’t give me a few fucking seconds?!” I shouted, feeling the sweat starting to come down my forehead.
The dealer dealt out two cards to each of us. Lifting them up, I saw the familiar faces of a jack and a nine. Looking over at the executive, I tried to get a read on his hand, but that same smug grin never left his face. This was a great hand to go with.
“Miss, we’ll start with you. Hit, stay, or fold?”
“Stay.” I answered, my voice shaky. I gripped the cards tightly in my hand as my eyes shot over towards the executive who was staring at his cards.
“I’m going to fold. Looks like you got me this round.” The executive tossed his cards towards the dealer. The dealer slid the chips I won towards me, and I felt some relief in knowing that the next round, I wouldn’t need to gamble a finger. The next round started, and we both tossed in a green chip.
The smarmy businessman glanced at his cards and urged the dealer to toss him another. After that, he decided to stay without raising. The turn shifted to me, and I looked down at my six and eight. It wasn’t terrific, and I felt afraid if I went over. Still, even if I did, I might be able to bluff this asshole into thinking I got something good. “Hit.”
The dealer tossed me another card, picking it up my heart dropped. The queen of hearts. “Stay…” I muttered. I could still hope that he’d end up folding.
“Raise.” The executive didn’t hesitate to toss in a couple more green chips. With nothing left to do, I folded.
The next round started, and I once again threw in the ring finger chip. The cards I had were a ten and a jack. And immediately when it got to the businessman’s turn, he folded, that round playing out the same as the first. I couldn’t help but feel there was something off about the way he was playing.
The next round, I had another high hand, a nine and a king. I decided to stay. A shiver ran down my spine as the executive tossed in a couple more green chips on a raise. I was confident in my hand at the time and decided to match the man’s bet with the chips for my right hand’s ring and little finger.
“Ah, this is scary now, isn’t it? How about we take it a bit further.” The executive smirked and tossed in the last green chip he had. My anxiety peaked as I saw that self-satisfied look on his face. My hands started trembling…I couldn’t do it. He had to know what it was, he had to know what I had in my hand. I was good at reading people, I had done it all my life. When you’re doing a gamble with this type of price, anyone would be afraid or at the very least anxious. He wasn’t worried in the slightest.
“Fuck…” I muttered to myself. I knew full well that he had me without even seeing the cards. I took a look around the hall. There had to be someone somewhere feeding him information. Looking up, I could see there was another floor overlooking the hall. Up there, I could see dozens of people, not anyone who was looking particularly suspicious, however.
“Miss? You’re response?” The dealer asked.
“Fuck off. This piece of shit is cheating!” I shouted. Slamming my cards onto the table. The executive gave me a faux look of disbelief. “How could you accuse me of such a thing? I’d hope you have proof.”
“Cheating is strictly prohibited, but if you are unable to point out how he is cheating, we cannot take any action.” The dealer explained.
“He has someone telling him my hand!”
“And who might that be, huh?” The businessman taunted. I cursed myself again for not being able to find the person who was feeding him the info. Even knowing what was going on, there was nothing I could do about it. Clenching my fist, I could only stay silent.
“Miss. Your response.” The dealer once again urged me.
“Fold…” I whispered. My eyes now moving towards the box in the middle of the table. The dealer slid all of the chips over to that lying businessman as he glared at me expectantly.
“Now it is time to pay your debt. Miss, if you would, please insert your right hand into the box.”
Standing up, I stood in front of the box, and my body began to tremble. The darkness of that hole filled me with dread. Every fiber of my being was telling me not to put my hand inside.
“If you do not do so in a timely fashion, you will be assisted.” The dealer stated, staring me dead in the eyes. Taking some deep breaths, I tried to calm myself down and quickly shoved my hand into the box. Suddenly I felt my hand become stuck inside of it. Anxiety that made me feel like I could vomit any moment now coursed through my body.
An incomprehensible amount of pain shot through my hand as I felt the skin of my fingers being peeled delicately and deliberately away. I tried to yank my hand from the machine screaming in agonizing, mind-numbing anguish. Slowly whatever was peeling away the skin moved from the base of the finger, going from knuckle to knuckle with no sense of urgency. The process couldn’t have taken longer than half a minute, yet it felt like hours.
I slammed my hand onto the side of the box and continued trying to yank my hand out of it. Tears streaming down my face and my voice becoming erratic as I couldn’t think of anything except wanting to stop the pain. Abruptly my hand was released from the box, and I collapsed onto the ground.
Looking at my right hand, I could see the damage inflicted by the box. With surgical precision, the outer layer of skin had been removed, allowing me to see the flesh and muscle beneath. Blood oozed out from the two skinned fingers, quickly running down my hand and dripping onto the carpet. A white cloth landed in front of me, I picked it up and wrapped it around my fingers. My breathing was ragged between my sobs as I dragged myself up off of the ground and back to my seat.
“That was some pleasant sounds you made there. I can’t wait to hear more.” The executive smirked.
“I’ll …fucking kill you.” I replied, glaring back at him. I wasn’t going to let myself lose anymore. If he was going to cheat, so be it. I just wouldn’t give him the option anymore. Grabbing the finger chip for my middle finger, I tossed it to the middle of the table.
“Now let us start the next round.” The dealer said as he tossed us each another pair of cards.
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Working at a Casino??

I’m a 19 year old that landed a job as a waiter at an “entertainment center” that is a glorified casino. Originally I thought it would be an awesome place to work because of the built in bowling alley and all the attractions they have (think: a slightly more mature Dave and Busters) but I’m now scared of how it could affect me. I have had issues with alcohol in the past and I’m now going to be serving drinks all day, with a fully loaded bar and a bartender that wouldn’t mind serving me underage. Also, I could see myself becoming very manipulative as a server to earn more money. How do I stay, like, true and pure in my intentions? It seems like such a sinful place but the people are great, and I want to stay focused on the actual helping aspect of serving, and not make it about the money. I’m just a bit confused atm, and an outside opinion would be helpful!
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People who worked at a casino, what are your experiences?

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My dad through the years, him in the army, his breakdancing crew, him when he started working at a casino. (1978 - 2018)

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>Be working at a casino

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I work at a casino in housekeeping and its going to reopen soon.

Its the dumbest thing ever to open a casino in phase 1. I worked there for several years already and I cant just quit since I have bills to pay. I would have a very hard time finding a job that would pay the same amount.
As a housekeeper I know 90% of people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom and go straight to touching the slot machines. Everyone is constantly tapping on 2 by 2 inch button to place a bet. We have 1 housekeeper that tries to maintain about 60 machines being clean.
People are smoking inside and constantly blowing smoke that now could infect me.
Casinos are already a complete hotspot for germs and I'm certain that I will be infected now and possibly bring it back to my elderly father I live with.
I don't know what to do, there isnt anything I can do really but march in to get infected for my meager paycheck so I can continue to live in poverty.
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Casino Dealer – A day in the life - YouTube MARIO GOT LUIGI AND TOAD WORKING AT A CASINO!? [NEW SUPER ... How Does Casino Technology Work? - YouTube I work at a crooked casino. You don't gamble with money ... Working at a Casino - YouTube 8 Things To Never Do In A Casino! - YouTube Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work - YouTube How to Win in a Casino - GUARANTEED! - Even if You Know ...

In 2015 I got my first real security job working as a Security Officer at Montbleu Resort, Casino and Spa. I had absolutely no relevant security experience prior to working at Montbleu, and only ... The Worst Things About Working in a Casino. 1). Smoke: Casinos are smokey. Some casinos have banned smoking, but the majority of them allow it. I never realized how much cigarette smoke was in a casino until I quit smoking. After I quit, I could smell the smoke on my clothes when I got home. Wow! It was pretty strong. Inhaling second hand smoke all day is definitely not something I like to do ... Working in a casino as a dealer was not my favorite job. Sure, it paid the bills but you have to deal with cigarette smoke blown in your face daily, nasty customers who can get you fired by complaining about just about anything you do, management that looks at you as if you're a NUMBER and nothing else - completely replaceable. But I don’t regret working at the casino. In fact, I rather enjoyed myself. My supervisors and co-workers were fantastic. They were some of the best people I have worked with. Some of the players were funny, kind and lighthearted about gambling. It was nice when they approached the entire thing as a game rather than a job. Here are the five important things I learned from my casino job: 1 ... Casino patrons are spending their "entertainment dollars" on both their experience and your interaction with them. Managers are likely to hire employees who present themselves well, are neatly groomed and look ready to work, and who have a history of being and dependable and punctual. Most jobs require an employee to show up to work and be on time. In the casino industry, this is mandatory ... Casino work is hard. Regardless of your position, you could end up on your feet for a full eight-hour shift. If you are willing to work hard, it will pay off in the long run. Around The Clock Work - Have Your Pick Of Hours One of the great things about working in a casino is that there is literally work available around the clock. This doesn ... What is it like working in a casino? Working in a casino is hard work but it can be a lot of fun. Short term it is a good choice for people who want to save money. Long term there are plenty of opportunities in VIP and management. The experience o... Compared to working as a waitress, being a casino dealer with SPM as my only qualification pays a lot more than most other jobs out there. If you were to tell someone that you’ve worked in the gambling industry, they’d most likely say whoa and wow. Well certainly, there were some wow moments, so now I’m going to share a few things that only people who have worked at a casino will be able ... Whatever money a person earns by working in a casino is haraam wealth, and it is not permissible for him to make use of it or to spend it on himself. What he has to do is get rid of this money by spending it on various charitable causes. You have to look for permissible means of earning halaal provision. If you leave this evil for the sake of Allah, Allah will compensate you with good. Allah ... Work at Harrah's can be demanding in terms of time spent, because the casino is open 24 hours and 7 days a week, it takes an army to keep the casino going. Workers are compensated by decent pay and benefits, which include healthcare and paid time off but workers often complain about the sheer amount of time they spend working at the casino.

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Casino Dealer – A day in the life - YouTube

Story Casino-Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Fire-Im... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss how to be a guaranteed winner in a casino - even if you know nothing! They explain one easy me... Casinos are jam-packed with technology that enhances security, keeps tabs on gamblers, and operates popular games. How does it all work? Freshbooks message: ... Slot machine video from casino expert Steve Bourie that teaches you the insider secrets to winning at slot machines and how a slot machine really works. Also... Chris Adams explains what it's like to work at a casino. Facebook: Twitt... Join the secret club! Ever wondered what it’s like to be a casino dealer? Grosvenor Casinos dealer Sylvia talks us through all aspects of her job from learning the games, being pa... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss 8 things to never do in a casino. They explain why you should never do these eight things and,...