Destination: James Bond's Venice - On the tracks of 007

Venezia è la città perfetta per girare un film e uno dei film che è stato (in parte) girato nella nostra città è Casinò Royale, il 21° film della serie ufficiale di James Bond. La vera domanda, però, è: quali sono i luoghi dove è stato girato Casinò Royale? Andiamo a scoprirli. Se dobbiamo essere […] 23-dic-2017 - Foto 22/25 della galleria fotografica: I luoghi dei film di James Bond. Tutte le location più belle, visitate dall'agente 007 During the ending of Casino Royale in Venice, after realising that Vesper has betrayed him, Bond follows her from St Marc's square to her secret meeting with Gettler.When Gettler spots Bond he escapes with Vesper and runs into an empty house by the Grand Canal. The large palazzo is being renovated and is piled up by large floating piers mounted on the ground floor. In 2006, EON returned to the beautiful city to film the spectacular finale of their reboot entry Casino Royale. Apart from the Bond-sites you will find a multitude of cultural treasures and pieces of evidence of the city’s glorious past. So take your time to appreciate it properly. In Venice there are about 15,000 buildings, among them 900 palaces and 105 churches. They are all built upon 007: da Venezia al Lago di Como (e forse Matera), le location italiane dei film di Bond. Le scene dei film dell’agente segreto ambientate nel nostro Paese. In Casino Royal, this is palace collapses (don’t worry, it is still there), the thing is that this building is located in Campo Santo Stefano, which is not near Rialto Fish Market, as it is shown in the movie. You know all the locations of Casino Royale in Venice now, you just have to go and see them with you eyes!

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