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Big Upcoming Fights (Next 30 Days)

Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray


Errol Spence vs Danny Garcia


Anthony Yarde vs Lyndon Arthur

  • Saturday, December 5, 2020 / Est. Ringwalk : Sat 11:00pm
    • CBC Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Championship
To be televised by ESPN+.

Sam Eggington vs Ashley Theopane

  • Friday, December 11, 2020 / Est. Ringwalk : Fri 11:00pm
  • event

Shakur Stevenson vs Toka Kahn Clary

  • Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 10PM ET/7PM PT

Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa

  • Saturday, December 12, 2020 at POSTPONED DUE TO INJURY

Anthony Joshua vs Kubrat Pulev

  • Saturday, December 12, 2020 / Est. Ringwalk : Sat 11:00pm
  • WBA Super World Heavyweight Championship
  • IBF World Heavyweight Championship
  • WBO World Heavyweight Championship

Tim Tszyu vs Bowyn Morgan

  • Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gennady Golovkin vs Kamil Szeremeta

  • Friday, December 18, 2020

RODRIGUEZ vs Nonito Donaire

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020 / Est. Ringwalk : Sun 4:00am
  • Saturday, December 19, 2020

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith



  • Thursday 31 December 2020 / Est (12:00pm) (Europe)
    • World Junior Bantamweight Championship
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Folding the office job for a year full of (poker) adventures - PAGE 4

For the first page CLICK HERE (page 2 in comments etc.)
‘Oh no honey, it’s 44’’
So I finally got my Vegas experience and although it wasn’t a great success from a money point of view, it was a great first experience.
Like every player I’ve wandered about what Vegas would be like ever since I first played cards, watched 2 months 2 million and saw the famous Chris Moneymaker footage.
We go back roughly six years in time and we found a very young me in New Zealand. I was there for a Marketing internship and was already grinding the low stakes online .If you ever have the opportunity for sure go to New Zealand, and play in the SkyCity Tower Casino in Auckland. Very nice poker room with a view over the whole city . I always sold a bit of action to play live because I definitely wasn’t rolled for those games, being an intern student.
Anyways, my internship ended and I have my good friend Rick visiting me all the way from Holland. We find ourselves sitting in the Irish Pub, drinking Heino’s.
We’ve had a good amount of them and I notice an older woman a few tables further down winking at me. I’m 22 and tell Rick what I just noticed. Being a true friend he immediately encourages me to seal the deal. ‘A true milf man, you have to go for it’. I approach her, we have a drink and she tells me she’s 34 years old and from Brazil. 12 years age difference and from South America, nice.
We end up in her hotel room and the next day Rick, me and another guy are off the South Island. I can still remember the cab driver laughing when I told him about what happened the night before. During our trip in the South Island we visited the casino in Christchurch. I’m the first one to sit down and there’s an Asian gentleman next to me in seat 1, he’s in the middle of a big pot when he is handed the hot tea he ordered. Being polite he decided to take it off the waitress and put it on one of the tables close to him, but not without getting up from his chair. It was his turn to act and when he turned around, literally 10 seconds later, he saw that the dealer mucked his hand. This led to an incredible outburst which was very understandable to be honest. His hand must have been very strong. Poker is weird, if someone gets screwed it’s always funny, except when it’s you. It’s like seeing people miss the train after giving it all during a last sprint, it never gets old.
I didn’t speak to the Brazilian woman but when we were back in Auckland I decided to contact her. She’s keen to meet again that night, she’s staying at another hotel.
Being a young gentleman I invite her to a classy place for some drinks. We’re casually talking and I mention I really would love to go to Vegas one day. She said ‘Oh it’s great I’ve been there 15 years ago’. I ask her how that’s possible because she’s 34 and you have to be 21 to go out and play. She looks at me and says ‘Oh honey, no not 34, 44’. Well this was certainly interesting, the age difference wasn’t 12 but 22 years. We had a great night and apparently she focused more on her performance between the sheets than she did on making breakfasts in the past 44 years. Worst breakfast of my life.
Back in the now, I’ve returned home from Vegas and the money part starts worrying me a bit in the back of my mind. It’s not that I didn’t have money, I just didn’t want to spend money while being home. Money had better purposes, I’d rather spend it towards experiences like the Vegas trip and finding yourself in spots to sleep with 22 year older woman. However, the gap year was a calculated decision, so at the end of the day it would be fine. The only thing you can do is keep showing up and play your best.
Within 5 days I got a really good run online and won the full 5k back, this is great. Vegas has basically been turned into a free trip now. In the meantime Gary let’s me know he’s staying close to the mailbox while being home, he doesn’t want his mom or dad to find a hospital bill. I picture the scene out of Harry Potter where Harry is waiting for his letter from Hogwarts. Things are going a whole lot better for our other Irish friend Clicki, he made the final table of the Crazy 888 WSOP event! One thing is sure, that backer he wanted to keep happy, he must have been very happy.
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Why Skycity Might Soon Suspend Dividends And Raise New Capital

Why Skycity Might Soon Suspend Dividends And Raise New Capital
SkyCity Entertainment Group has suffered a $1 billion hit to its NZX market capitalisation from Covid-19 and might soon suspend dividends and raise new capital, an analyst says.
Chelsea Leadbetter, of Forsyth Barr equity research, said that although the business was strong, the pandemic had dealt it a major financial blow and shareholders could soon feel the effects.
"SkyCity's market capitalisation has fallen by around $1b since the Covid-19 outbreak took hold in China.
While we acknowledge material near-term risks, this is substantially larger than our various scenarios of the risk/cashflow impact," she wrote in the latest update on the stock.
Under the Work and Income wage subsidy scheme, SkyCity Management got $21.7m for 3272 employees, as of May 3.
Leadbetter said: "We expect the key near-term causality for investors to be a temporary dividend suspension."
She forecast that no dividends would be paid from the second half of the 2020 financial year or the first half of the 2021 financial year.
Like many others, the company might seek new cash: "There is also a possibility the board decides to raise equity to shore up the balance sheet through this period of heightened uncertainty."

SkyCity is today trading on the NZX around $2.45, down from more than $4 late last year. Today its market capitalisation stood at $1.6b.

Questions were today put to chief executive Graeme Stephens and chief marketing officer Liza McNally about the fall in the company's market capitalisation, the possibility of suspending dividends and raising new capital.

McNally said: "As previously disclosed, SkyCity currently has sufficient liquidity, and has already implemented a range of changes to reduce both operating costs and capital expenditure, to withstand the short term impact of Covid-19.

The board and management are continuing to evaluate SkyCity's longer term funding requirements and a range of options for satisfying these."

Leadbetter noted property assets of around $2b and long-term monopoly casino licences.

"However, like the majority of businesses it has been caught out by extraordinary circumstances. Forecasting earnings is near impossible in the near-term.

However, when we are out the other side of Covid-19 we expect gaming spend to recover which will improve Ebitda, gearing, and enable reinstatement of what was an attractive dividend," she said.

Early last month, SkyCity announced that about 200 staff would be made redundant and wages were cut by 20 per cent to cope with the pandemic's effects on the business.

Last Friday, SkyCity said all its properties here and in South Australia remained shut at level 3 alert but construction work banned under the almost five weeks of level 4 had resumed.
That re-started:

• Work at the fire-hit NZ International Convention Centre and neighbouring Horizon Hotel in Auckland
• Refurbishment of premium gaming rooms on levels eight and nine of the Auckland casino
• New food and beverage venues Food Republic adjacent to the main casino floor in Auckland
• Work on Aces Bar and creation of a new entertainment zone on the main casino floor in Auckland
• Ongoing refurbishment and maintenance works on the AA Building where the business is now headquartered on Albert St
• Refurbishment of Hamilton's main casino floor, including a new Baccarat area
• Work on the development of the All Blacks Experience and Weta Workshop attractions in Auckland's former convention centre below the SkyCity Grand Hotel

SkyCity also gave an update on its funding position, saying it continued to have a strong liquidity position with about $400m cash and undrawn debt facilities available.

It does not expect to need any waivers for its June 30 debt covenants.

"Following recent restructuring initiatives, SkyCity's operating cash requirements before re-opening any properties are around $12m per month.

SkyCity also has significant ongoing capital expenditure commitments on its two major projects and other smaller development projects in Auckland and Hamilton," it said, referring to its $703m convention centre and $330m Adelaide redevelopment and expansion.

The business is working on a funding plan for the medium term as it recovers.

"This plan will be finalised once the trading performance of its New Zealand properties has been assessed following the expected re-openings by the end of May," the business said on May 1.

Leadbetter said when New Zealand moves to level 2, most SkyCity properties will be re-opened but with significant restrictions. At level 1, all facilities will be back open, without restrictions.

Source: By: Anne Gibson / Property editor, NZ Herald

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Australia - Travel and Trip Guide

Australia - Travel and Itinerary Wiki

Backstory - I'm a US expat and travel hacker living in Sydney with my wife. We've been here for 6 months and seen a lot of the same questions about the area get posted almost daily. I'll do my best to concisely run through a number of topics here, whether it be about getting here or what to do, in the hopes this makes future questions a little more tactical.


Update 1 - Added booking windows and intra-region travel info.

Getting Here


Great deals to be had lately in economy. Prices have consistently dropped $800 or so from mainland USA on full service carriers. These sales are pretty frequent. If you have Chase Sapphire Reserve card a $800 cash ticket is just over 53,000 Ultimate Rewards points with FULL points earn on the ticket itself. That's a great deal if you don't care about sitting up front. Business class is significantly more expensive. This is one of the most sought after premium class routes on the planet and with that prices tend to stay high and award availability low.

From the East Coast of the US

I highly recommend AA to DFW and Qantas DFW-SYD. The route is served by a comfortable A380 (good economy, dated 2-2-2 J though) and loads are typically intentionally kept low heading East to maximize cargo capacity. That means you can realistically expect a empty middle seat if you plan well. On the eastbound side it's still possible but less likely. Also, if you fly on low days you may score an upgrade for $1,000 - $1,200 USD per person, per way, via Qantas' bid for upgrade program. Really the major benefit here is connections going further into the US - minimizing travel time on either side of that long leg is incredibly more valuable and comfortable.

From the West Coast of the US

Any carrier works here, chose based on your preference. Every domestic carrier serves the route (UA/AA/DL) and most are newer aircraft (sans Delta's aging 777s). You can also find good deals via Fiji as well as via Auckland on Air New Zealand. I personally don't like breaking up the trip any more than necessary so I don't like those options.


Oh boy, this is a good one. Generally the rule of thumb is simply this, PLAN AHEAD IF YOU WANT TO FLY UP FRONT! The only exception to this is Virgin Australia who sometimes releases J space < 2 weeks of travel. That's absolutely rolling the dice though. Economy wise you can typically find space on at least one carrier so that's less of a topic, and as above, with cash prices being so low it can often be less worthwhile to book the award itself. Up front you really have a few options.  
US Carriers  
Carrier Booking Window Comments
United 338 Good J hard product, meh soft product. Awards open up here and there but typically it's very limited to last minute redemption. Price-wise, they're not the cheapest, but not the most expensive.
AA 331 probably the best hard produce from the group. Same meh soft product (they're US carriers after all). Pricing is also okay, but availability is next to none.
Delta 331 bad products, hard and soft. The seats are old, the service is older. Price is highest BUT you will often find saver-level seats on Virgin Australia (a partner) < 2 weeks out.
  Australian Carriers  
Carrier Booking Window Comments
Qantas 353 meh J product (2-2-2). Good/Great F. Service is also good, very polished. Availability in spurts, but okay price via AA.
Virgin Australia 330 best seat (the Business) and I'm a sucker for a bird with a bar. Conversely, terrible availability unless you're looking within 2 weeks or right at the window.
  Asian Carriers (generally better availability)  
Carrier Booking Window Comments
Korean 360? my personal favorite. Great airline, great US service, and a transfer partner of Chase. And most importantly, they tend to be quite generous with their availability.
Cathay 360 old favorite in the points world. Not the cheapest option but if you have the points then you'll often find availability through HKG when you book at the window. Great seat, classic service, and AMAZING lounges in HKG.
JAL 330 like ANA, in light of recently US carrier devaluations these guys have become a viable option through Tokyo. Some recommend their 777 SkySuite as the best J product out there.
SQ 355 Suites are always a favorite but lately it's pretty impossible to not pull your hair out before actually confirming that route. J availability tends to show up here and there. Recently devauled though so use tool to find best option based on points available.
ANA 356 mentioned in JAL topic, just a solid all around option if you have the points.
  Award Tools Look, I know a lot of carriers were mentioned above and you're probably going well, that's all great, but how do I ultimately choose one given the fact that I have a trip 1+ year out and a few options? That's where the below sites come in handy. They will tell decipher award charts and help you distill down the airlines that you can realistically fly given the points that you have.

Once In The Region

Intra-Region Travel


Rule of thumb, if you have 5+ days in the region than I suggest going outside of Sydney. It's a cool city, but there is SO much more to see. Scroll down for details, but while in Sydney here are a few suggestions:
Places to Stay


Are you outdoorsy?
Do you like food/drinks?
Extreme activities?

Example Itinerary

Assumes 10 days down under.
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The beginning
Hey Matthew,
Just wanted to run you an update of where & what I've been up to so far. Try hit you up each week and keep you up with everything i'm doing.
I've been in the hospitality industry for 10 years now and if there is one thing I have learnt; it would be that the goal posts you are aiming for are like the end of a rainbow. No matter how close you think you are getting they keep finding a way to move further away.
It's easy to think then, What's the point? Why do I keep at it? Why do I put up with the unsociable hours? Why do I continue to deal with delusional customers? Why do I endure the painful conversations with difficult or emotional staff? And the list could go on and on.
I think the answer to these questions is very surprising when I truly think about it. It's not because I love alcohol and food. I mean I do love both of those things.... very much. And it’s not because I love interactions with people. I mean this one time I did an introvert/extrovert test at university and scored the highest in a class of 300 or so on the introvert scale, I was one score away from being as introverted as one person could be. So interactions with people exhaust me, especially those I have trouble relating to.
No, why I do it is because of the challenge. It's just so complete as a problem. Almost all facets of life are encompassed by this industry. Ok almost everyone could say that about their own industry and find ways of proving the statement they have made. But hear me out, let me start with where I have come from and what has bought me to where I am today.
So I moved out of home at 19, the only job I had ever had was working with dad during school holidays helping him flip houses. So when I found myself living in a shoe-box apartment in the middle of Auckland City I was stumped as to what to start doing to pay my rent. Across the road from where I lived was the Sky City Casino and they were looking for staff in a bunch of the outlets and gaming floor. As I was still 19 I was too young to work on the gaming floor, but because I was a guy I was given an interview with one of the restaurants who were looking for more men to balance out the team. This was my first dip in. Now I admit, I was a joke when I first started. I was one of "those" workers, you know the ones. The ones that call in sick all the time, ask to go home early and just have an overall lack of effort. As time went on I slowly learned the trade and got better and better, learned how to make coffees and a few basic cocktails. I also gained confidence in talking to random strangers as I asked them what they would like to drink with their buffet dinner. But at no point in this 12-month experience did I ever think that I was now a hospitality worker. It was a means to an end.
Then in 2008, I moved to the Gold Coast in Australia, quit university, ran away from debts, ex-girlfriends, and just general life struggles. At the time I thought it was a great idea and it would solve all my problems. Instead I was young, dumb and well you know the rest. I was unemployed for 3 months. In that time all I achieved was to learn how to solve a Rubix cube in less than a minute and a half. Don’t get me wrong I still pull out that trick at parties but it didn’t exactly help me eat or pay rent. Instead I bludged heavily on other people and ruined friendships because of my incompetence. I managed to find a job at a factory that lasted a month before getting fired for not showing up enough. Then along came Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise. I remember when I took this job I felt like I was getting desperate and this was my job to keep me afloat not actually start a career in. I mean, it was hospitality. People only work in hospitality while studying for their real job right?
Well 12 months went by and I found myself standing with an eventual very good friend who at the time was my big boss. My F&B Manager. He asked me if I wanted to make something of my career and take this job seriously for once. After a few days I came back and told him I was in. I was going to do whatever it took to become the best F&B Attendant at the hotel. And within 6 months I was promoted to a team leader. I spent the summer as this team leader and by the end of it the timing was perfect and I managed to land an F&B Supervisor job. My career had really started. I was now a salaried worker for the first time in my life, I had responsibility and I guess I still felt I had nothing better going for me so I would stick at it and not screw it up.
Of course I almost screwed it up a number of times. What can I say? I get bored and when I'm bored I do dumb stuff. After a couple of secondments at other properties around the country I landed the Meetings & Events Manager at Holiday Inn Brisbane. It was now 2011 and I had a 12-month contract. I had already decided with my partner at the time that at the end of the contract we would go travelling and head to London to live. So after 12 months of intense personal growth that is just what I did. I had really become an adult at this point and my career was no longer something that I did because nothing else was going to pay the bills. I was doing it because I just overcome the hardest 12 months of work in my life and I loved it. I grew leaps and bounds as a leader and enjoyed the rush. It is hard to explain but I started to feel satisfaction for overcoming all the challenges being thrown at me.
So 2012, I just finished 3 months of travelling Asia and landed in London, the next day I had a job interview for a little restaurant called Charlotte’s Place. The day after I was at a two-day trial and then I was hired as the Assistant Restaurant Manager. I was now running one of the most successful independent restaurants in London. We ended up winning Top Restaurant in London in the Good Food Guide awards while I was there.
7 months after arriving in London I had to head home due to family reasons and I found myself back at the Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, but it was now called the Outrigger Surfers Paradise and I was the Restaurant & Bar Manager. I lasted here 9 months and although I had the worst General Manager ever, I learned so much here. I learned how to earn a pay cheque. This job was tough! I once served 700 customers for breakfast with 2 chefs and 6 wait staff, and the funny part was that I felt it was an easy day because of all the help that I had. I was used to doing 100-150 covers with one chef and one other staff member. That was my typical day. I never ran so much in a job ever. But what it taught me is efficiency and how to still offer a great customer experience with absolutely no staff. I had to think outside the box so often. I had to find ways of being prepared for everything. And I did. I was so good at it. We hardly ever had complaints at breakfast and we were getting smashed every day.
September 2013 I had had enough and I needed something else. I took on a role of Assistant Bar Manager at Palazzo Versace which lasted 6 weeks before being offered the role of Four Winds Restaurant Manager at the Crowne Plaza in Surfers Paradise, which evolved into the Assistant F&B Manager. And during these 13 or so months I learned more about leadership than ever before. My boss had a way of opening my eyes up to it and it all started to click. I started to realise why I was doing this. Why I was putting up with the unsociable hours, Why I continued to deal with delusional customers, Why I endured painful conversations with difficult or emotional staff. The concept hadn't completely formed in my head but it was starting to take shape and with success after success the picture started to become clearer and clearer.
And then December 2014, I got a transfer to Crowne Plaza Terrigal as the F&B Manager. This was it, I had reached department head level and this was kind of the pinnacle of my F&B career. Yeah I will go on to bigger roles with more revenue and more outlets and bigger teams but essentially it is all the same thing, just the stakes are higher. I am the authority on F&B in this hotel reporting directly to the General Manger and until I make the jump to a General Manager the dynamic of the role is never going to really change much from this. I will always report to the General Manager and I will from now on always be in charge of everything F&B. It’s been 16 months in this role now and I am on the verge of my next step. I have started applying for other roles and this time I am looking to Asia, specifically South East Asia.
So now I am in a position to explain my love for this industry, the challenges I face and the reason I keep asking for more, every time I think I have it all figured out and have taken my department or hotel to new heights I realise that the goal posts have picked up and run away from me. Maybe only last year did I really realise there is no perfect hotel or perfect restaurant. You can always be better, you can always improve. And that goes for everything in life. Don't just accept mediocrity.
I now wake up each morning and ask myself "What can I do today to improve on yesterday?"
Talk to you next week bro.
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Skycity Casino, Auckland Update on SKYCITY Auckland 2018 Night Out Down Under - Auckland Sky Tower Hotel What You Need to Know About SkyCity Auckland - YouTube SkyCity Auckland - YouTube

The SKYCITY Hotel includes a theatre, full spa, a massive selection of restaurants and almost something for everyone. The Horizon will be open to the public in 2020 and is slated to be a five-star hotel, to include an upscale restaurant, full gym, offering both suites and rooms. Entertainment in the Sky City casino. The land-based Sky City casino Auckland has some of the most entertainingly ... One of our top picks in Auckland. Located in the heart of Auckland CBD (Central Business District), next to the iconic Sky Tower and SkyCity Casino, SkyCity Hotel Auckland offers beautifully appointed rooms and suites with free WiFi, a 37-inch flat-screen TV and an iPod docking station. World class entertainment complex & casino in the heart of Auckland's CBD. Enjoy 20 bars & restaurants, 2 hotels, a casino, a theatre & the iconic Sky Tower. We are not usually gamblers but we had a flutter at Sky City and enjoyed it. The casino is well laid out and actrive. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (with a few exceptions). The main reason we went to the Casino, which was not far from our hotel, was to have the buffet, which we were told is very good -- and so it proved ... Sky City Auckland Casino property details section: This casino is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Sky City Auckland Casino features 2100 slots and 100 table games for you to indulge in. WCD also lists and books casino hotels in Auckland. You can browse our photos of Sky City Auckland Casino or see the latest news headlines about Sky City Auckland Casino on our site. This hotel is part of the casino has a parking area where u can park your car some good choices of restaurants and global food in the main area of Auckland so high end shopping around the hotel . Over all nice hotel More. Show less Escape to a hotel where exceptional experiences happen every day. A place where you can enjoy genuine Kiwi hospitality and modern, spacious accommodation. Explore the sights and sounds of vibrant Auckland, including the iconic Sky Tower. Pamper yourself at rejuvenating spa facilities. Experience magnificent dining with over 20 restaurants ... The Sky Tower is an Auckland icon. Built by SkyCity in 1997 as part of the SkyCity Casino and Hotel complex it is a must do attraction in Auckland city. The SkyCity complex contains a Casino, The Sky Tower, a popular theatre and at last count 20 bars and restaurants of very high standard, some of Auckland finest in fact. Skycity have essentially created their own attraction, and it’s only ... Das SkyCity Hotel Auckland erwartet Sie im Herzen des zentralen Geschäftsviertels von Auckland, neben dem beeindruckenden Sky Tower und dem SkyCity Casino. Freuen Sie sich auf ansprechend ausgestattete Zimmer und Suiten mit kostenfreiem WLAN, einem 37-Zoll-Flachbild-TV sowie einer iPod-Dockingstation. Das rund um die Uhr geöffnete SkyCity ... Update: SKY CITY CASINO HOTEL PROPERTY CLOSURE EXTENDED. Due to the COVID-19, the casino and hotel will be closed until further notice. See more info... More Info. SKY LOUNGE IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED! All Sky Lounge entertainment has been canceled. More Info. Pueblo of Acoma south of I-40 is closed to visitors. More Info . Promotions. Sky City RV Park. A favorite among Route 66 travelers, Sky ...

[index] [3028] [5446] [21992] [1673] [13399] [26787] [8] [32931] [24899] [10073]

Skycity Casino, Auckland

WPT Anchor Lynn Gilmartin caught up with SkyCity Group Entertainment Michael Ahearne to talk about SkyCity Auckland. Want a slice of the action? Play poker a... Join me as I travel from Henderson to Auckland to check in for a night out while staying at the Sky Tower Hotel with a view of the harbor from the room. BUFFET AT AUCKLAND CASINO - FORTUNA. - Duration: 10:49. Jason Flame Recommended for you. 10:49. My Room on a Maersk Container Ship - Duration: 5:56. Matt and Jeff Recommended for you. 5:56. This ... Casino Tour💰💰@Sky City Auckland Sky Tower - Duration: 2:59. Fresh & Fun 382 views. 2:59 . What it's like to be a New Zealand Customs Officer - Duration: 2:49. New Zealand Customs Service ... Auckland Sky Tower - Duration: 3:52. ... SKYCITY Hotel - Overview - Duration: 1:44. SkyCity Auckland 3,848 views. 1:44 . When a RETIRED Michael Jordan DEMOLISHED an Arrogant Bulls ROOKIE ... Visit the very best of the city, SkyCity - our premiere entertainment destination in the heart of Auckland's CBD. Get a piece of the action in our world-clas...